The Kindle Direct Publishing Factor

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s new e-book platform, launched in November 2007, with the very first Amazon Kindle portable e-reader. Kindle uses an advanced e-ink display that offers outstanding color accuracy and vivid text display for all formats – text, bookmarks, graphics, video – thanks to a multi-touch interface that permits you to browse your books with a tap of the screen. There is no need for a computer, and other than a battery, there is no additional cost for the Kindle itself. You can use it with an existing Kindle account or as a stand-alone device with a wireless data connection via MMS or Bluetooth.

kindle direct publishing amazon

So, what are the advantages of using Amazon’s Kindle? For one thing, you won’t be limited to the books you can publish on its Kindle store. You can publish any kind of e-book – fictional, non-fiction, guides, instructional manuals, business books, fiction novels, textbooks, and more. In addition, you can specify which book types (audio, video, bookmarks) you want to appear on the screen. And the maximum number of copies you can create in a month goes up from four to ten. All these features are only available for a fee of $99.

The second major advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing as compared to normal e-reader modes is its durability. Unlike traditional e-readers, a Kindle contains a liquid crystal display (LCD) – a panel of black, white, or color resolution displays that is part display screen and part resistive circuitry. It’s designed to be tough and resistant to scratches, burns, and even liquid spills. Its cover, too, is impervious to liquid spillages. Thus, your e-books stay clean and free of dust, preventing them from growing bacteria or mould.

And speaking of bacteria and mould, Amazon has gone a step further and taken steps to fight this growing problem. Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX includes Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HDX technology, which offers multi-touch gestures to expand its already generous selection of applications. As you can imagine, the new gesture-based features make using the Kindle much easier and more fun than the clunky, old-fashioned push-button controls of old. This is excellent news for buyers who are looking to expand their eBook purchases without spending a whole lot of time experimenting with their software.

Third, the Kindle is an affordable piece of electronic paper for readers. You know all about the high-tech paper thin screens that have been popping up all over the place, but did you know that the Kindle is the first eBook reader to use actual paper in its form? The Kindle uses EMR, or electrostatic display technology to deliver smooth, high-quality images and text to its customers at prices that won’t empty your piggy bank.

Fourth, you can publish your Kindle right from your home computer or mobile device, and without any special software. You don’t have to be a technological wizard to get your eBook published and delivered to your customers. The Kindle offers a free download of the Kindle publishing software, so you won’t have to pay extra for any specialized service. That’s really good news, especially when you compare the price of printing or shipping paper against the price of EMR.

Fifth, with Amazon’s approval, you can sell any of your physical books on the Amazon Kindle store. You’re not limited to just a few titles, either. You can publish unlimited books on the Kindle and receive 100% of the proceeds from each sale. That’s the same as selling an unlimited number of physical books on eBay, only you don’t have to pay any listing fees. So you can turn your eBooks into physical copies as well as digital ones and take advantage of both worlds. It’s kind of a perfect marriage.

The good news is that with Amazon’s growing numbers, the demand for eBooks is projected to continue to grow quickly. And with so many people clamoring for information, the market is constantly open. If you have an idea for an eBook, now is a great time to launch it. You won’t need to rely on the old model of self-promotion and hope that someone reads it. With Amazon Kindle, there’s never been a better time. Start writing today!

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