How to Create a Promotion on Rebate Jet

Great news! Rebate Jet allows you to share single use coupon codes of your product promotions from Seller Central and share them with our database of buyers for lots of extra exposure!

To access promotions in Rebate Jet, simply login as a seller and click Promotion > Add New from the left side of the menu

rebate jet create new promotion

Select the marketplace and click Next. Want to see other marketplaces added? Join our community group here and tell us about it

Now copy and paste the ASIN into the information field and click “Get Info” . Our handy dandy tool will pull all of the information and photos post it for you!

Rebate Jet Get Info Function

Review the fields, to ensure they are all filled out. For example, in the above image the description field is blank. This will happen if your product has an EBC or A+ Content description. You can simply copy and paste the title into the description field, use one of your bullets, or write your own description.

Select the category of your product from the drop down and click next

rebate jet category selection

In promotion settings:

  • Select the Fulfillment Channel (FBA if your products are fulfilled by Amazon, and FBM if you ship the products to the customer yourself).
  • Input the percentage off discount from the discount you created in Seller Central > Manage Promotions. If you need to know how to create a discount in seller central, view our help article here.
  • Select the Start and End Dates of your promotion, these should match the dates of your promotion in Seller Central.
  • Input the number of codes to release per day. For example, if you set up 20 single use codes and you’d like 3 to be claimed per day, you’ll put 3 in this field.
  • Copy and Paste your Super URL into the field. To learn more about super URLs, view our help article here.
  • Click Next

rebate jet promotion settings

Upload Coupons (aka Single Use Promotion Codes File):

  1. First download your promotion codes file from Amazon Seller Central. To do this go to Manage Promotions, and then select your promotion. If you don’t see your promotion, it may not be active yet. You’ll need to filter by “Pending” status and then click view
  2. On the view promotion page, scroll down and select Manage Claim Codes                                   
  3. Create a group of claim codes (if you haven’t already), by naming your group and inputting the amount of claim codes (for example, 20 as pictured below) you’d like to be output into the file.
  4. Next download the file. Amazon will create a zip file. You’ll need to extract this zip folder to reveal a text file for upload into rebate jet.
  5. Click on Choose File, Select all files from the drop down so that you can see your text file, select the text file, and click open
  6. On the Import pop up, choose the first discount code from the drop down and click OK                                       
  7. Finally, review the list to ensure all coupon codes are displayed and click submit.                                           

You’ve done it! You’ve created a promotion to bring extra exposure to your Amazon product listings. All of your promotions will now appear in your Rebate Jet sellers dashboard under Promotions. You also have the option to pause them.












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