How to Publish Your Own EBook on the Kindle Direct Publishing Account

kindle direct publishing account

How to Publish Your Own EBook on the Kindle Direct Publishing Account

You’d think that learning how to publish your own eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Store would be straight-forward. Guess what? It’s kind of not that simple.

Don’t understand why, but Amazon has decided to make the process of publishing an EBook a game of “Cyber-hidstery-dance-and-search”. There are a lot of different places you can publish your book, but most of them require lots of technical knowledge and are time-consuming. Amazon’s kindle platform simplifies the eBook publishing process for authors and publishers. But before we go into the “how to” part, let’s take a look at how authors publish their work to get it onto Amazon.

First of all, you need an Amazon digital text platform account. This is kind of like a web site, really – a place where you can store your electronic documents like a text file, a PDF file, or even your Word document. The difference is that with an Amazon digital text platform account, you have the chance to publish your books using your own publishing tools like Adobe Digital Text Editor, Microsoft Word, or Apple iWork Pages. This self-publishing process basically consists of two separate steps: publishing your manuscript and then uploading your book to Amazon’s digital text platform. You can either publish using MS Word or Adobe, and then upload using the Amazon Kindle library.

So, how exactly does the publishing process work? With a Kindle, you basically have two options for how to publish your books. You can either publish using the in-house publishing tool provided by Amazon or publish via a special kindle publishing account. You must select the second option only after you’ve purchased your Kindle.

If you publish using the Amazon publishing tool, you’ll be billed an hourly rate. The rate will vary depending on how self-publishing are done. A single e-book may require you to pay up to 50% more in royalties than a six-book series. However, publishing with Amazon is free if you’re using the in-house tool. On the other hand, when publishing with a self-publisher’s tool, you are charged a flat fee. Self-publishing authors will have to shoulder the entire burden of paying royalties.

When publishing using an Amazon digital text platform, you upload your work instead of publishing it to an Amazon digital text platform account. So when you upload the material, you can also avoid paying for uploading fees. You can then publish the material as a Kindle single page or as a Kindle multi-page book.

You’ll pay royalties every month on your Kindle sales. These royalties can reach up to 75%. As an author, there are two ways to publish with Amazon – directly and through a Kindle publishing account. To publish directly with Amazon, you will need to have a registered Amazon ID. Once you’re signed up, you can publish your books on Amazon through their platform.

In case you intend to publish as a self-publisher, you will need to register yourself as an individual under the SPA or Service Agreement. After that, you should create a “scribe to journal” link from where you can collect e-mail addresses for future reference. This “subscribe to journal” link enables the recipient to sign up for notifications about new materials published on your blog. It also enables you to send out periodic emails informing them about new material you have published. Your final payment in case of a successful publication will be based on a fee of up to 10% of the total sale price of your published book. So, make sure that you receive all the necessary payments before proceeding to publish on the Kindle.

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