Bring Back the Sweet With Customized Coffee Gift Baskets!

My crazy Coupon Lady subscription box has been a real hit for Christmas and New Year’s. And that’s because it is so versatile. It can be used over again, or it can be stored in a closet or garage until the spring when you are ready to receive your gifts. It has no filler and is made of paper. This is important because filling it with a filler will limit the use of your subscription.

krazy coupon lady kohls mystery

With the holidays right around the corner, my wife and I are scrambling to complete our shopping and gift giving before the rush of Christmas shopping begins. Our son has started asking for kudos on everything – from his new trampoline to his new slippers. We’re also running low on gifts for his nieces and nephews, so we’ve been trying to find unique ways to surprise them with our loved ones’ gifts without going overboard. We have received so many wonderful gifts this year that our mailboxes are overflowing.

We started our secret Santa adventure last December and we had a blast. We were up all night long waiting for the packages to come in. The excitement of the evening only grew as we opened the envelopes and read the gifts. We were so impressed with some of the items that we decided to keep them as our own secret Santa gifts.

For example, our son’s elementary school teacher gave us several packets of sticky buns in different flavors. Our maid of honor received a beautiful hand-stitched quilt with over one thousand Swarovski crystals. And our neighbor received a fun novelty item that will go great on her desk at work: a metal milk jar with a light up a light bulb inside.

We gave our guests several packets of their favorite snacks, such as hot dogs, pretzels, chips, dips, and cookies. And they sent us several mystery gift baskets that we are sure to get a lot of use out of. The funny thing about this is that everyone that received one actually asked what the chocolate was in them. It was so unexpected and so sweet!

Everyone seemed to get a kick out of receiving their own basket. We have all mentioned that we love receiving things and seeing the smile on someone else’s face when they open it. We even received a basket full of organic berries! My mother will put the organic berries into a nice brown paper bag and save them as a keepsake for her grandchildren. That’s right, we’re keeping our word to our Secret Santa participants that if you bring them something they like you’ll send them back a small token in the mail. I’m sure they’ll enjoy eating the berries as much as we enjoyed receiving them.

This year we are looking for someone who can send us a basket full of “something green”. We have seen the ad for “organic juices”, but we are skeptical that they are real or just another infomercial for a supplement company. So we’re shopping the web to see what we can find. I found out that the juices come in little packets with a snap on lid. We’ll start with spinach and carrot juice (yum) and add some apple and pear juice in about a month.

This is the season for giving thanks and being thankful. We are all blessed with plenty of nature to look at and enjoy. Find something in your life that you can be thankful for now and every day! I think that someone out there will be delighted to receive a personalized, sweet basket like we did for Kathy!

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