Black Friday Sales – Crazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady is coming back for another crazy sale! After being away for a while I have been itching to get this back in my online shopping basket. It has been out of stock for some time now and when I remembered it was coming back I got scared. What do you do when the most popular product of the year is out of stock? It only takes one day to get it, so what do I do?

krazy coupon lady black friday 2019

Well, I looked all over the internet to see if they had K Crazy Coupon Lady coming back this year. And I found out they had it! I was happy! Then I went ahead and ordered it. And boy did I love my Black Friday!

As I opened the package to find the lady with the wings, I instantly recognized her from an earlier K Crazy promo I had. But, I forgot she was back. She wore a black, strapless dress with a matching headband and purse. Her hair was messy and her makeup looked terrible! But hey, that was her look.

She came out looking just like she looked when I last saw her. She was wearing that same black strapless dress, but it was shorter. Now that is a big difference! It made her face look much thinner than it usually does when she wears shorter dresses. I am not sure why Black Friday always puts women with shorter faces into black clothing, but I guess I will have to look into that once in a while.

When she arrived I told her to go get ready because I was going to try on her dress. She was very nervous, but then I assured her it looked great. I then handed her the sales price and told her to come with me to the dressing room. She was a little bit nervous, but I assured her it was a very beautiful dress and that I had bought it at a very cheap price. Then I left her there to wait while I went to get my own pants and shirt.

When I got back she was really happy! I could tell she was going to get a laugh because she was so excited. She gave me her sales price and told me that I could wear it for my rehearsal dinner that night. That is when I remembered why I love my job! It is not all work and not a career!

When we arrived at the parking lot, I asked her if she wanted to come with me. Of course, she wanted to stay put. We walked to the front of the car and I asked her if she minded if I could give her a ride. Of course, no problem! I handed her a key and then we quickly took off. As soon as we got into the car, she laughed and said that she knew we were headed for a good night.

The funny thing about that whole night was, we actually bought the dress two days before! When we got to the mall, we couldn’t find any of the Crazy Coupon Lady Black Friday products. Then I remembered that my friend was going to be at rehearsal and we decided to try out our new black leather pants. We couldn’t believe how comfortable they are! When we got home, we practically fell over laughing because our new shoes look just like the ones our friend had in her closet!

We ended up getting eight pairs of these great pants! When we got home, my husband tried them on and was really impressed! Now, I’m not sure what I am going to wear to my Thanksgiving rehearsal but I know I will definitely wear my “Crazy Coupon Lady” shirt! These pants are perfect for any woman who wants to feel classy but can’t spend a whole lot of money.

The “Crazy Coupon Lady” shirt is available for $20 at Amazon and can be found in several colors. If you are heading out for Thanksgiving dinner, you might want to consider giving one to someone. They are definitely worth the price! Who wouldn’t want to get free tickets, a coupon or special savings?

All in all, this is a fun gift to give and to receive. I hope your guests love them! Keep up the good work!

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