Amazon App Review – The Amazon Krazy Coupon Lady App

The Crazy Coupon Lady App is a free iPhone and iPad app that allow consumers to save money on products. Once downloaded it allows the consumer to type in the product name, description, price and date of purchase and it will do all the calculating for you. You only have to input one or more prices and once the code is entered you can then download to your device and start shopping. It works with many major retailers and brands. It even works with Google.

krazy coupon lady app reviews

Most of the time, the codes are given out at various promotional events, which means you can literally get them while you are out there shopping. However, some retailers will give away coupons on their websites too. The krazy coupon lady app reviews all the participating retailers. So, you can take a look and pick the one that is giving away the discount codes most often.

I have been testing the iPhone app from the very start and it has been a very cool idea. It also gets results for coupons and discount codes sent to you through the email. I love that since I’m always online and do most of my shopping at home, I don’t need to go out in traffic to find great deals. Plus, most stores will have coupons available already on their website or they can be sent to you through the email as well. There are so many users that sign up for the K Crazy Coupon Lady App, that they need to pay a fee to keep providing these discount codes to their members.

I love the idea because this app is a one time fee. I paid only $0.40 to get the app and I got many months of use for just one payment. You can check out the entire 5 days ago function in the app review to see how much you can save each week during your busy week. With just an hour a week, you can easily save up to 25% on your total purchases.

With this app, I was able to track my total purchases, sales, refunds and so much more. I am now able to keep track of my items from last week to today. Amazon and Krazy both send me the same items on all of my Amazon accounts. It only took me a few minutes to set this up and I have had no problems with it. I just check to make sure that it is working properly every day.

The coupon app is a must-have for finding the best in-store and online deals for places like target, Walmart, tools, Amazon, and more. Since this is only one payment per month, you can easily save money every month. Most money-saving experts find this program a must-have for their customers.

Krazy code is also available for many users. I was very hesitant to use it because it costs $2.99 a month, but most promo codes were free anyway. However, many users said that they love the features of the app and do not mind paying the subscription fee. Even if you are not a fan of the idea of paying money every month, you will still love the features of this app since you can save yourself so much money in the process.

With just an hour a week of browsing, you can save so much money on your purchases. This means that you will be saving so much more than what you spend. Many users of the Amazon and Krazy coupon lady app reviews said that they love this product and plan to continue using it to save money. These are only a few of the hundreds of different coupons and promo codes that you can get through the program each week.

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