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amazon cash back rebates

Get The Top Daily Products Delivered To Your Inbox

Get notified of the best products, and the biggest rebates first!

How does the Rebate Process Work?

How do I claim a rebate?

1. Create your RebateJet account here.

2. Find the item you want to purchase and click anywhere on the image.

3. For further product information click on the drop down button to view details.

4. Click on Buy Product Now, here you will find instructions on how to continue with your purchase. Once you have read thru the instructions and terms and conditions of the service click I Agree and Purchase On Marketplace. 

5. An additional tab will open to the product page, be sure to order your product on the URL you’ve been taken to.

6. Once you place your order you will be given an order ID, copy it.

7. Go back to the site tab and enter your order number.

8. Click on Confirm Purchase and paste your Order ID and confirm it!

9. Wait 35 days for the check to be sent to the account address on file. Contact us via site chat if you have any questions. 

Will I receive confirmation that I will get paid after 35 days?

Great question! Once you have entered your order ID, the rebate amount is reflected in your rebate balance. You can access your balance by clicking on Rebates. As long as we have your payment details a check will be automatically processed and sent 35 days later after purchase is confirmed. 

Want your money faster? Check out our instant rebates option by selecting the “instant rebates” filter option while shopping. With instant rebates, coupon codes are offered at the time of purchase for instant savings.

When will I receive my rebate?

In order to offer you the best discounts, our rebates our processed 35 days after your purchase date. The creator of the product offer has 5 days to approve or decline the rebate. After 5 days, rebates are automatically approved. 

How do drive sales for your Amazon products

Creating a promotion on a deals website like will accomplish 2 goals: 

  1. Bring more attention to your product off of amazon, driving external traffic and combining the use of a super URL to also help rank for keywords
  2. Increase conversions by offering an amazing deal and boosting your best seller rankings!

Unlike other deal sites, RebateJet allows you to create 3 types of deals and drive even more traffic!

  • Rebates: With rebates, you send a customer to Amazon to buy your product FULL price! Which means they can leave you a review AND you get credit for a full priced sale. What do you think the chances are of the below rebate being claimed?

The customer will buy the product on Amazon using the buy product now link, and after purchase copy and paste their Amazon order ID into the corresponding field on Rebate Jet to claim their rebate. After 30 days, the customer will get a check in the mail from Rebate Jet. Cha-ching! Win win

  • Instant Rebates (aka Amazon Promo Codes): With instant rebates, you create one time use promo codes on Amazon (check out our how to guide here), and the customer instantly receives the promo code on Rebate Jet and the link to your listing on Amazon to claim their instant rebate!

No rebate check to wait for and instant gratification. This does not count as a full priced sale, but not having to wait for a rebate check is a bonus! This also brings lots of traffic and sales velocity to your products!

  • Liquidation Deals: Need to liquidate or sell in bulk? You can list inventory located in Amazon Warehouses OR anywhere in the US on Rebate Jet! Entice our already excited buyers AND other sellers with liquidations. Check out our liquidation how to guide here

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